Vehicle Tracking Systems in Sheffield | Common Security Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Car theft is no minor concern, especially if you own a new or high-performing vehicle. Despite the prevalence of car alarm systems and vehicle tracking systems across the UK, thieves continue to operate. Unfortunately, car owners can make the process easier by leaving their cars open to attack, enabling offenders to drive away with few issues. By taking the appropriate steps, however, car owners in Sheffield can reduce the odds of theft and make their vehicles all but impenetrable.

With a range of cutting-edge products such as Autowatch Ghost immobilisers, vehicle trackers, dashcams, parking sensors, speed limiters and more available, Vehicle Security & Electrical (VSE) can install everything you need for unrivalled protection.

Read on for some of the key ways that vehicle owners in the Sheffield region leave themselves open to theft. You can also get in touch to discuss fleet tracking, vehicle trackers and car alarm systems.

Leaving Doors Unlocked

We can all be forgetful at times, but leaving your door unlocked only makes theft easier for the perpetrator. By rolling up your windows at the end of the day and making sure to lock all doors each time, your vehicle is better protected and less likely to become a target. Vehicle Security & Electrical provides vehicle tracking systems, locks and Autowatch Ghost immobilisers to customers in the Sheffield area.

Not only are these immobilisers hugely cost-effective, but they are also discreet enough to avoid detection. In the event of theft, our vehicle trackers can prove instrumental in your car’s retrieval.

Leaving the Alarm to Sound

Whether you live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire or elsewhere in the UK, you will have no doubt learned to phase alarm noise out to some degree. Car owners who ignore their car alarm systems may allow thieves to get away with their vehicles unchallenged, so it’s always worth checking in case of a legitimate threat.

If your car alarm is old and needs replacing, then we can provide you with a brand-new system that greatly improves security levels. Our team also fits alarms for transport companies, with fleet tracking installations for greater efficiency.

Isolated Parking Spots

Quiet back streets with poor lighting should be avoided wherever possible. Thieves enjoy the coverage that night time brings and will take full advantage of any isolated spots. Parking in a well-lit area with CCTV surveillance may not eliminate the chance of a break-in entirely, but it will make your vehicle less attractive to potential carjackers.

Serving customers in Sheffield and the nearby areas, we fit vehicle tracking systems, Autowatch Ghost immobilisers and offer fleet tracking services to commercial clients.

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For vehicle tracking systems, fleet tracking and Automatic Ghost immobilisers in the Sheffield area, please contact the specialists at VSE.